Introduction to Challenge

Apr 06. 2017

The Oceans of Hope Challenges are inspired by the circumnavigation on board Oceans of Hope, a 67 foot racing boat founded and undertaken by Dr Mikkel Anthonisen and his Danish team.

Over 100 people with MS from around the world were lucky to have been selected to be part of an MS crew to complete this tremendous feat. See www.oceansofhope.org for more information.

One participant, Robert Munns, was so inspired by his time on board that since 2015 he has been responsible for this next chapter in the Oceans of Hope story.

During the winter of 2015, the Oceans of Hope Challenge concept was born. It took shape in April 2016 with the first Oceans of Hope Challenge in Turkey. This first event was made up of a six boat flotilla taking 38 people with MS sailing some of the most beautiful waters of the Mediterranean. The event was a huge success and Robert "just had to" organise a second event the following year. This took place in May 2017 with ten boats and nearly 70 people with MS sailing as a flotilla along the Dalmatian coast of Croatia.

You will see from our videos, photo galleries as well as our testimonials that we could not stop organising events.

During 2017 we also organised a week of sailing on the west coast of Scotland on board the tall ship Lady of Avenel.
We also responded to demands from our participants to offer skills training weeks, where our most enthusiastic participants could learn even more about sailing. Many gained the first level of an RYA competence at sailing qualification and some of our more experienced sailors went onto complete 'Day Skipper' training. RYA training is something that we continue to offer periodically, offering tangible evidence that people who may be struggling with many compromises in life can learn new skills and gain new qualifications.

2018 was an amazing year for the Oceans of Hope team with our second Oceans of Hope Challenge in Croatia, a further two weeks in Scotland and a further week of RYA training in Barcelona.

2018 was not only about offering the same kind of experience. In August we organised a taster weekend on Bewl Water in Kent to give people the opportunity of sailing with us without the upheaval of flying to foreign shores. This was a huge success and we will be hosting more events like this in the future.

Our latest and possibly most ambitious challenge event happened in Autumn 2018 in New Zealand. We took 40 people with MS sailing on board Spirit of New Zealand with the Spirit of Adventure Trust based out of Auckland. 40 people from around the world came together and created the most exciting event so far. Working together with the professional crew, our participants achieved what we thought would be impossible. Working for each other, supporting each other and celebrating success together.

You will see our next events of the following page. We will be adding new events throughout the year, so please keep coming back to see if any event suits you.